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Cordelia C.'s 5-Star Google Review for bulging disc relief

The pain was excruciating the week of my birthday, what a horrible way to bring in my birthday. The disc was bulging hitting the nerve as well as the spine. Dr Joe assured me I will be well and it was absolutely true! I returned back to after 3 weeks of decompression and other high tech instruments. They are the best and I recommend you to receive a consultation today do not hesistate! I am in recovery and doing Great 👍

Cordelia C.
Miami, Florida
Tamara M.'s 5-Star Google Review for cervical spine relief

I have been a patient now since May.. started out with horrible cervical neck pain, severe lower back pain, unable to walk without pain and very limited ROM.. I am an ICU RN and the patient care over the last year and an half really took it's toll on me physically.. Happily I took a friend's recommendation and came to APMR for treatment.. No surprise I had bulging and herniated discs ( plural) in my cervical spine and lumbar spine causing my pain and limited physicality.. The specialized decompression treatment that I received along with the other treatment modalities that Dr Joe and his wonderful amazing team curated individually for me not only healed me but has returned me to being able to take CrossFit classes and go for runs which I had dearly missed doing.. this has not only helped me physically but also mentally which I cannot express how important that component is to well being. I am now on their weight loss program and have safely shed 20 lbs in one month without starvation and am able to maintain my exercise routine. I am beyond happy and am very very grateful for the excellent care that I've received here at APMR.. I will be a client for life. God Bless

Tamara M.
Miami, Florida
Michelle M.'s 5-Star Google Review for lower back pain relief

After unexplained lower back pain that wasn't going away, this was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and I was admittedly nervous and skeptical. But it was exactly what I needed!

Customer service-wise, it was an excellent experience from setting up my very first appointment with them through their follow-up post appointment.

The staff is professional, friendly and welcoming; you feel how they care about you like you're family.

Dr. Joe is very knowledgeable and helped me immediately determine the cause of pain I was feeling and gave me a helpful protocol moving forward. After only my first adjustment and lying down in their incredible magnetic bed (they're fully equipped with various tools & resources to help you heal), I feel significantly better already and am very pleased and grateful for their attentive, caring services. I feel relieved knowing the cause of pain and what I can do to maintain the health of my spine.

I highly recommend Dr. Joe and Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehab of Miami; you'll be grateful you went!

Michelle M.
Miami, Florida
Randy P.'s 5-Star Google Review for spinal cord injury relief

DR. Joe and his staff have taken care of me for about 10 years. He has grown from a 1 Doc shop to a full facility encompassing everything from Chiropractic care to hormone replacement and wellness options. They have fixed my back, my shoulders and other parts of my body. As a contractor I tend to be a bit rough on my body. I am now in their care for a major spinal cord injury in 2018. They have taken me from unable to move in a wheelchair to walking with the help of a walker. We continue the pursue balance and walking without a walker. Patience and training is ongoing.

The staff,as others have stated is awesome. They are more like a large family who encourage, cajole and push all of us to do better, do more, push harder for recovery. It doesn't matter if you are only in therapy or chiropractic care, everyone learns who you are and acknowledges you when you are in their care regardless whether you are their responsibility. From simple sprain to (like me) spinal cord injury they take the long view and do what you need to get better. The office is open and communal with staff and patients facilitating a great place to grow and heal.

Randy P.
Miami, Florida
John K.'s 5-Star Google Review for alternative to spinal surgery relief

Thanks to the whole team at APM&R! There is a lot to like about these folks.

1. They provided me with a viable alternative to spinal surgery that really works! Pain is reduced and mobility has increased. I am grateful!

2. Their medical competency is excellent

3. Their treatments are multi-modal. They couple chiropractic care with physical therapy and other treatment alternatives that work and promote wellness. They treat the causes, not the symptoms.

4. Nice, friendly and courteous staff and is really service oriented. That also is very rare in today's healthcare environment.

Highly recommend. This kind of medical care is rare.

John K.
Miami, Florida
Tamian W.'s 5-Star Google Review for emergency relief

I've been going to Dr Joe for YEARS. I've recently learned that he's practicing functional medicine and is helping me with my thyroid/weight gain/hair loss/and hormone issues. I'm soooo glad to be working with such a caring individual. I know he cares about the WHOLE me. Not just my spine. But, on that topic, every time I wake up with a crick in my neck, or a rib head out of place, I drop in (it's never a problem to get a quick appointment for emergencies) and Dr Joe fixes me right up. Many times in just one appointment. Relief!

Tamian W.
Miami, Florida
J. M.'s 5-Star Google Review for spine relief

If you enjoy living in pain or you long for back surgery, then this is not the place for you. APM&R works just short of miracles, speaking from my own experience. They completely restored my spine to normalcy after a neurologist gave up on my herniated disks which left me unable to fully move my head from side to side (not to mention the pain). It took 8 months of hard work on both our parts, but the result was incredible. Six years later, no problems and just twice monthly maintenance (beats the heck out of surgery). This practice maintains a very professional and friendly environment, and the folks that work there are sure to know your name and your needs before you can open your mouth. The facility is well equipped and the doctors keep up on the latest technology and techniques. When my children or I have gotten injuries from sports and such, I head to APM&R first. So far, there has not been a single issue that they couldn't handle quickly and effectively (and for much less than seeing specialists and enduring CT scans, etc.). Most recently, I fell and significantly injured my lower back, and I was sure that it was going to partially ruin my vacation. Dr. Joe (yes, they go by first names which felt a bit weird at first, but now seems totally normal) even advised me that it would take a couple of weeks. Two sessions over the course of 4 days, and I didn't even need the Aleve anymore. Another thing to note, all of this can be accomplished without nasty pain drugs...sometimes just an ibuprofen. Need PT? They do that, too, and they managed to get me from foot surgery to skiing in 2.5 months. Weight loss? Yes, they do that, too, and that is the only program that has ever worked for me. Again, if you are enjoying your pain, this is not the place for you...

J. M.
Miami, Florida
Marcia's 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

I've been having treatment for about four weeks. I was doing treatment for back pain with another Chiropractor and my pain wasn't getting better. I saw the add on Instagram for Dr. Joseph on laser treatment for back pain and I made an appointment. At that point I was desperately feeling hopeless because of the pain, couldn't sleep well and could barely train. Here I am four weeks later, finally sleeping all night and back to training, still can't lift heavy but I can say I'm already 40% better and not taking pain medication. I am so thankful to Dr. Joe and all his loving stuff, everyone is very professional and you can feel the passion they have for their work. This place is truly amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone that has any type of injury.

Miami, Florida

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